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Injury and Violence Prevention


The Miami-Dade County Injury Surveillance System (MDCISS) was initiated in 2004 to obtain accurate and timely information on the incidence and determinants of fatal and nonfatal injuries that occur to Miami-Dade residents. The objective of the MDCISS is to provide data that can be used to initiate or assist injury prevention programs and help measure their effectiveness. The MDCISS is a collaborative effort between the Miami-Dade County Health Department, the Injury Free Coalition for Kids-Miami, the University of Miami and Jackson Health Systems. It has been supported, in part, through funding from The Children’s Trust and the Health Foundation of South Florida.

Injuries are a major public health problem in Miami-Dade County and are the leading cause of death for county residents between the ages 15 to 44 years. Further, for every injury-related death to a county resident in 2018, there were an additional 12 nonfatal hospitalizations and 129 emergency department visits due to injuries. 

Injuries to Miami-Dade County Residents During 2018

Injuries were responsible for 1,351 resident deaths in 2018, a decrease of -1.8% from 1,376 injury-related deaths during 2017.

Unintentional (accidental) injuries accounted for 862 (64%) of injury deaths, followed by suicides (280, 21%) and homicides (201, 15%).

Firearm injuries were the leading cause of injury-related death (296, 22%) followed by poisonings (258, 19%) and falls (185, 14%).

Firearm deaths slightly increased (1%) during 2018 compared to 2017. Approximately half (54%) of firearm deaths in 2018 were homicides, while 45% were suicides. There was 1 unintentional firearm death during 2018.

Injuries were responsible for 15,914 nonfatal hospitalizations to county residents in 2018. Falls (52%) were the leading cause of injury hospitalizations followed by motor vehicle traffic occupant injuries (15%) and poisonings (11%).

Injuries were responsible for 174,048 nonfatal emergency department (ED) visits to county residents in 2018. Falls (33%) were the leading cause of ED visits followed by struck by or against an object/person (13%).