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Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Pursuant to Section 943.0312, Florida Statutes, Florida created seven Regional Domestic Security Taskforces (RDSTF) who collectively support preparing for, preventing, protecting against, responding to, and recovering from a terrorism event. The Miami-Dade County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition (MDCHPC), formerly known as the Miami-Dade County Hospital Preparedness Consortium, is a part of Region VII of the Regional Domestic Security Taskforce (RDSTF) and serves as a forum of healthcare organizations and supporting agencies committed to mutual collaboration to address healthcare emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

The purpose of the MDCHPC is to develop and maintain a comprehensive system that assures effective communication, strategic attainment and management of resources, and collaborative planning in response to emergencies. The many potential challenges our healthcare infrastructure may face in a disaster or emergency guide our efforts to work locally, regionally, and statewide to help our members build disaster resiliency.  The MDCHPC welcomes hospitals, community health providers, private physicians, and others within the Miami-Dade healthcare system as well as other response partners to our coalition.

Healthcare preparedness is a concern for hospitals and community stakeholders everywhere—Miami-Dade County is no exception. Our community depends on all response and healthcare agencies to be prepared to deal with all types of events that can affect our county. The MDCHPC not only acts as a liaison with county, regional, and state officials, but it also convenes all partners to prepare and plan for hurricanes, bioterrorism attacks, pandemic influenza, and other emergency events by articulating and advocating strategic priorities as they relate to disaster management. 

Under the guidance of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) has been providing funding to Healthcare Coalitions across the nation to help strengthen and enhance Healthcare Preparedness Capabilities.  The MDCHPC has been awarded federal grant funding for a second year in a row and it is expected to enhance its capabilities-based planning through the continuous integration of critical partners.