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EPA’s Flooded Homes Cleanup Guidance

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season and Flooding with EPA’s Flooded Homes Cleanup Guidance


The 2022 hurricane season has begun, and forecasters predict above-average hurricane activity this year. Flooding, storm surge, and wind damage from hurricanes can introduce new hazards indoors and worsen existing ones. Flood waters can carry sewage and other harmful substances indoors and standing water and wet materials can become a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and mold.

New! EPA’s Flooded Homes Cleanup Guidance

After a hurricane, there are many things to consider. Is my home safe to enter? How do I save and clean up my possessions? How can I protect myself and my family from flood hazards?

EPA’s new Flooded Homes website features short videos that provide steps and guidance on how to safely clean up your home and recover from a flood. You can also search for answers to many of your important questions about flooded homes using the webpage’s search bar and by visiting the Frequent Questions about Flooded Homes.

Flooded homes website

Take a moment now to check out these resources to prepare for the next hurricane.

View the videos below to learn more:

EPA Flooded Homes Video Series

Coming Home

Doing it Yourself

Protecting Your Health

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