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Miami-Dade County Health Department Issues Updates on Next Phase of Florida’s COVID-19 Response as State Approaches Nearly 10 Million Floridians Vaccinated

May 21, 2021

~ Robust Network of Local Community Providers Will Ensure Testing


Communications Office

May 21, 2021

MIAMI – As Florida approaches nearly 10 million Floridians vaccinated, COVID-19 testing is being transitioned to a locally-led effort through primary care providers, retail and pharmacy locations, and local governments. As a part of this transition, the Miami-Dade County Health Department will continue to coordinate with local community providers to ensure testing access for all Floridians.

COVID-19 Testing Sites:

It is important to note that COVID-19 testing services will continue to be offered at the local level, including at all county health departments. To see a list of COVID-19 testing sites within ten miles of all existing COVID-19 testing sites, click here, or see the list below.  

State-Supported Testing Site Schedule in Miami-Dade County



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