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Our Culture

The DOH-Miami-Dade Way

The DOH-Miami-Dade Way is what we call our culture:
At DOH-Miami-Dade we have a performance culture that we consciously planned and developed through deliberate actions to maximize productivity since 1997. Rather than evolving over time in a spontaneous manner, we created  our performance culture to, either eliminate or minimize anything that stands as a barrier to meeting or exceeding performance expectations by adopting the Sterling Model for Performance Excellence.

The Administrator and Senior Leaders  provide the leadership needed to align every process, system and resource in order to maximize productivity. Every effort is made to fill each position with an employee who shares the desire to dramatically improve productivity and quality, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction. High performing employees gain great satisfaction from opportunities to continuously improve results. Our performance culture is built around a shared desire to exceed expectations and to achieve remarkable results. Our values point us towards behaviors that fulfill our  mission, and away from behaviors that don't.

Our performance culture did not just happen; it was built intentionally. It required planning, attention to detail and hard work. Building a performance culture requires three primary ingredients: a desire to excel, a plan to move forward, and the human talent to make it happen. We commit to a philosophy that embraces innovation to drive performance improvement with the intention of producing remarkable results. Our desire to achieve remarkable results is the foundation for building the DOH-Miami-Dade performance culture.

We realize that our focus is to find our passions in both our personal and business life and match them as closely as possible to our responsibilities. We have a balanced approach to life remembering that your physical, social, spiritual and family aspects are very important.
Our foundation is in place, the culture grows by taking specific actions to ensure processes, systems and resources are aligned to get desired results. Everything about the organization is focused on our mission, values and vision.

That is the DOH-Miami-Dade Way. It is a way, not a day.