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Medical Reserve Corps

Who We Are
The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of engaged local volunteers organized within units throughout the United States. MRC Volunteers are trained and credentialed to strengthen public health, reduce vulnerability and disaster risk, build resiliency, and improve community preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.
The Miami-Dade Medical Reserve Corps is comprised of dedicated volunteers from a multitude of professions who have been trained and credentialed through the MRC network to support all-hazard emergency responses. They possess a wide array of skills and experiences that are extremely valuable to provide the most effective response and recovery in Miami-Dade County. They have worked closely with the Florida Department of Health and their partners to be able to quickly integrate into the response structure.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Miami-Dade Medical Reserve Corps is to pre-identify, train, credential, and support dedicated medical and non-medical professional volunteers for an all-hazard emergency response in Miami-Dade County.
Our Purpose
The purpose of the Miami-Dade County MRC is to coordinate the skills of practicing and retired health care professionals as well as citizens interested in health issues, who are eager to volunteer to address their community’s ongoing public health needs and to help their community during large-scale emergency situations.
Our History
The Medical Reserve Corps was created in 2002 after Former President George W. Bush State of the Union address where he called for all Americans to make a lifetime commitment to volunteer time-services in their communities. Throughout the 50 United States and Territories there are over two hundred thousand volunteers and fewer than 1000 units.  The Medical Reserve Corps is a specialized component of Citizen Corps and is housed within the Office of the Assistance Secretary for Preparedness and Response.
Our Process
All new volunteers to the Medical Reserve Corps are required to attend an Orientation, complete the ICS- 100 and IS-700 FEMA courses, clear a level two background check, and understand national Core Competencies. Upon successful completion of all requirements each volunteer will be issued a badge and uniform as well as deployment resources.

Who can volunteer?
Healthcare Volunteers
Physicians       Nurses             Pharmacists     Dentists           Epidemiologists
Other health care/public health professionals