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Comprehensive Initiative

The Florida Legislature provides funds, in addition to those provided under the School Health Services Act, to school districts and schools where there is a high incidence of low birth weight babies, infant mortality, teenage pregnancy or medically underserved high-risk children. The purpose of this funding is to provide programs which offer the greatest potential for promoting the health of students and reducing teenage pregnancy. The School Health Program Comprehensive initiative provides services that focus upon promoting the health of students, reducing risk-taking behavior and reducing teen pregnancy. A team consisting of a registered nurse, and health aide provide services in selected schools.

Basic Initiative

The goals of the school health nurse in the basic initiative are carried out to appraise, protect and promote the health status and well being of the total school population. This service is intended to supplement, rather than replace parental responsibility and primary health care physicians and includes servicing students, their families, school personnel and the community. General surveillance and referrals serve as the basis for identifying students at risk. The responsibilities of the basic school nurse consist of direct observation, health care, case management, communicable disease control including administering immunizations, enforcing medication compliancy, health education activities, record review, referrals, follow-up and teacher-nurse and parent conferences. Establishing nursing priorities is an essential step in accomplishing these goals.

Full Service Schools Initiative

Full Service Schools were implemented in 1990 to reduce the risk of educational failure and enable children to overcome conditions adverse to school learning while also strengthening families caring for children. This is accomplished through a variety of services provided to students and their families at various school sites. Services may include, without limitation, nutritional services, basic medical services, aid to dependent children, parenting skills, counseling for abused children, counseling for children at high risk for delinquent behavior and their parents, and adult education. Interdisciplinary teams provide direct services to the students at selected school sites throughout Miami-Dade County. The Miami-Dade County Health Department, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, monitors the activities of the Full Service Schools.

Satellite Schools Health Services Local Initiative

A local school health services initiative that helps to ensure some levels of basic health services are being provided in all Miami-Dade County Public Schools. This initiative was established to provide health services in schools that did not have assigned health teams/nurse. Satellite Schools receives health services from a registered professional nurse. The nurse is responsible for providing the following services : conducting school site visits throughout the school year, meeting with principal's to discuss needs, role of the school nurse and to obtain basic school (district) information, developing chronic condition list based on record reviews and communication from student/parent/school staff, consulting with parent/guardians as needed, developing Individual Health Care Plans , providing child specific trainings, monitoring immunization compliancy, monitoring documented (Temporary Medical Exemptions/Immunization Records) expiration dates and making recommendations, consulting with school staff as needed, verifying if Hearing screenings for absentee's have been conducted and follow-up has been provided and being available on call to provide school with support.