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Laboratory Services

Welcome to our Laboratory Services Program.

Laboratory medicine plays an important role in the delivery of health care services, influencing an estimated 70% of medical decisions. Laboratory medicine is the core of clinical practice:

  • Patients depend on laboratory results
  • Clinics use laboratory findings to guide decision making
  • Organizations use laboratory results to assess the quality and assure quality patient care

We believe that our patients deserve the best care and services we know how to give. We want to have a relationship of caring and trust with each patient and partners. We consider the patient preferences, needs, and values as centerpiece in providing our services.
The MDCHD Laboratory Services Program provides a variety of laboratory testing and services to 22 clinics concerned with sexually transmitted diseases (STD), tuberculosis (TB), Refugee health screening, family planning (FP) and health care of women and children (WIC). Our licensed and supporting staff  perform rapid HIV testing, in-house screening tests for syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, liver function, tests for pregnancy, urinalysis, blood glucose and hemoglobin level. We collect and prepare specimens for further testing in the Reference laboratories, such as sputum for TB, blood for hepatitis panel and metabolic panel; for lead, HSV, PAP, parasitic and enteric infections testing, etc.
Our Priorities:

  • Provide accurate laboratory results in a timely and efficient manner to all programs to improve the health and safety of South Floridians.
  • Provide quality-driven and cost-effective laboratory services by performing continuous technology and budget analysis
  • Serve as a model of excellence for laboratory practice

As a part of our Laboratory practice we use many methods to assure high quality laboratory services. We routinely use quality control methods and have quality assurance programs. Our laboratory personnel are highly trained and licensed by the State. We participate in proficiency testing programs. Our laboratories are subjects to AHCA inspections to assure compliance with Federal and State regulations of laboratory practices.
We know that patients, clinicians rely on laboratory results, information from lab tests help paint a picture, inform decisions and thus we are constantly working on the improvement of overall quality of our services.